School Building

The Idea

The idea of renovating and rebuilding the existing school building was to create a safe and conducive learning environment for the pupils. The project which involved tearing down the old, rotten school classrooms and reconstructing them to modern standards, with a particular focus on providing comfortable classrooms equipped with school furniture and writing boards. Additionally, modern toilet facilities were implemented to ensure the overall well-being of the students and teachers.

Project objectives:

  • Ensure safety:
    guarantee safe buildings, prevent any potential hazards
  • Improve learning environment: create comfortable and well-equipped classrooms to enhance the learning experience and engagement of the pupils and teachers
  • Upgraded sanitation facilities:
    provide modern and hygienic toilet facilities within the school premises to improve health and well-being of students and teachers

That's where we stand

  1. Improved Learning Conditions: With the completion of the school classrooms, the students can now enjoy a conducive learning environment, free from disturbances caused by harsh weather conditions like rain or scorching sunshine. This ensures that their learning experience is not hampered by external factors, allowing them to focus better on their studies.
  2. Comfortable Learning Spaces: The provision of proper school furniture has transformed the way students learn. Instead of sitting on the floor or uncomfortable stones, they can now sit comfortably at desks and chairs, promoting better posture and concentration during lessons.
  3. Positive Impact on Teachers: Teachers are also beneficiaries of these improvements. A well-constructed and equipped classroom enhances the teaching experience and allows educators to deliver their lessons effectively. Comfortable classrooms positively affect the overall teaching quality and teacher morale.
  4. The accomplishments made so far will undoubtedly contribute to the overall success of the school and the academic progress of its students. By creating a safe, comfortable, and conducive learning environment, Emelong Foundation e.V. is making a significant difference in the lives of the children and the entire school community. It’s essential to continue building on this success and carry out the remaining phases of the project to further enhance security and facilities, ensuring the sustained growth and development of the school. Well done on the progress made, and best of luck with the upcoming phases!


That's what we still need to accomplish

It’s clear that there are still important needs to address in order to further improve the school environment and support the students’ learning experience. Let’s break down these needs:

  1. Additional General Toilets: Constructing additional general toilets in the other three school blocks is essential to ensure that all students have easy access to hygienic sanitation facilities. This will eliminate the need for children to travel long distances to access toilets, promoting convenience and better hygiene. Adequate toilet facilities are crucial for the health and well-being of the students and staff.
  2. Furniture Replacement and Repair: Addressing the broken furniture and providing additional pieces is important for creating a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Students’ comfort greatly influences their ability to focus and engage in their studies. Repairing and replacing furniture will contribute to a positive learning experience.
  3. Writing Materials: Adequate writing materials are fundamental for effective teaching and learning. Providing students with the necessary writing tools ensures that they can actively participate in class activities, take notes, and complete assignments. Having access to writing materials directly impacts the quality of education.