Get to know us

Our aid is limited to the community of Umuaka, my home village in Nigeria. With this targeted focus, we can closely accompany the projects and anchor the achieved changes permanently and sustainably.


My name is Chukwuemeka Ibegbulem, I am the founder of The Emelong Foundation and 41 years old and living in Karlsruhe since 2004. I was born and raised in Umuaka / Nigeria, near the Niger Delta. There I founded the Emelong Foundation to support the poor and disadvantaged in my home country and to draw attention to their problems.

We are a small team of volunteers and are financed exclusively by donations. The organization of our work takes place in Karlsruhe, implementation, support and monitoring of our projects are done by family, friends and volunteers in and around Umuaka, always in close coordination with the team in Karlsruhe. At least once a year I fly to my home country myself and support wherever necessary.