Our Mission

Help that matters ❤

To bring help, which is changing the situation of the people in need permanently and with a sustainable effect, this is our mission. We do so by taking small steps, as we focus our initiatives on the people and children of Umuaka, a small village in Nigeria, close to the Niger delta. 

 My name is Chukwuemeka Ibegbulem, I was born and raised in Umuaka, a small community in Nigeria, near the Niger delta. Since 2004 I live in Karlsruhe, Germany. I founded the Emelong Foundation to support the poor and socially deprived people in my community and to raise awareness to their problems. I know the people there, I’m in connection with them and I can literally see the impact of my work. I can see the improvements, see the children grow and develop, and the people unfold their potential. Children are our future!

This is why we, the Emelong Foundation, focus our help in particular on the children of my former school, the Riverside Primary School, as well as on socially disadvantaged people in Umuaka. In that way we are able to supervise the projects closely and incorporate the achieved changes permanently and strongly. Sustainability is part of our values.