Our Garden

The Idea

School garden (biodynamic)
We create our own school garden, which is cultivated according to biodynamic principles.

That's where we stand

This decision is based on several considerations:

  • Self-sufficiency: a bit of independence for the school
  • Practical learning in the classroom: knowledge for the future to ensure our own survival
  • Biodynamic: healthy for people and the environment
  • Sustainable: a conscious approach to nature that also benefits future generations

In order to be self-sufficient in the long term.

That's what we still need to accomplish

This will give the primary school the opportunity to grow its own vegetables (yam, cassava, beans, etc.) and fruit (bananas, mango, papaya, pineapple, avocado, etc.) for its own consumption at low cost. This is to be cultivated according to the biodynamic principle. This is healthy for the children and also protects the environment.

We need donations to buy the necessary tools and seedlings