A Hospital

The Idea

In Umuaka, the reality of healthcare is grim: lives are frequently lost to preventable diseases. Often, the availability of treatment depends on the ability to pay immediately; without payment, necessary treatment is inaccessible. This situation forces many in the community to resort to self-treatment or to delay seeking medical help, allowing illnesses to worsen. In medical emergencies, professional help is not just expensive but also physically very distant, often leading to unnecessary and untimely deaths. We aim to shift from merely enduring this situation to proactively preventing it by building and operationalizing a community hospital in Umuaka. Our goal is to ensure affordable, high-quality healthcare services for the community.

That's where we stand

To transform our vision into reality, we are assembling a dedicated team that includes a project manager, doctor, paramedic, midwife, social worker, pharmacist, and logistician. This proactive approach will ensure that the necessary infrastructure is meticulously established, guaranteeing seamless operations once the hospital is operational. The proposed community hospital will offer outpatient and inpatient services to meet a variety of care needs, specialized maternity and pediatric care, emergency services for acute health issues and accidents, and diagnostic services, such as labs and imaging, to enable accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

That's what we still need to accomplish

The estimated one-time expenses for the hospital and ambulance initiative amount to €157,850. We are actively engaged in fundraising through a comprehensive donation strategy to secure these crucial funds. Our funding strategy includes donation campaigns utilizing social media, crowdfunding platforms, and our network of donors; partnerships with NGOs, government agencies, and private sector partners; grants from international health organizations; and community involvement through small donations and volunteer work. Each contribution, no matter its size, will significantly propel our project forward. We are seeking your support as we strive to build a healthier and more resilient community. You can donate now for immediate assistance or contact us for a longer-term partnership.

Budget Overview (Estimated Cost: €157,850):

  • Construction and Infrastructure: €90,000
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies: €35,000
  • Staff Recruitment and Training: €10,000
  • Operational Expenses (First Year): €22,850

Our commitment to this mission remains steadfast as we tirelessly work to gather donations and bring this impactful project to fruition. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support on this meaningful journey.