The Idea

In Umuaka, lives are being lost to preventable diseases. Treatment often hinges on immediate payment – without it, treatment is out of reach. This dire reality forces people to resort to self-care or inaction, allowing illnesses to escalate before seeking help, and often resulting in avoidable deaths. This distressing scenario has become an everyday occurrence. And this is what we no longer want to endure, but rather proactively prevent.

That's where we stand

The Umuaka community hospital is currently in a state of disrepair, as evident in the attached pictures. The lack of maintenance has rendered its facilities nonfunctional. Emelong Foundation e.V. is committed to rectifying this situation. We intend to establish a fully operational hospital that will alleviate the prevailing health challenges in Umuaka.

We aspire to establish a comprehensive hospital in Umuaka, equipped with ambulances, to deliver crucial first aid services to the neighboring communities. Furthermore, we intend to organize educational events within schools, with a particular emphasis on promoting improved hygiene practices to proactively ward off illnesses. Demonstrating our unwavering dedication, we will provide complimentary healthcare services exclusively to children and pregnant women, made attainable through gracious donations.

For patients beyond these categories, we kindly encourage contributions towards associated expenses, should such a contribution be within their means.

That's what we still need to accomplish

To transform this vision into reality, we are assembling a dedicated team encompassing a project manager, doctor, paramedic, midwife, social worker, pharmacist, and logistician. Our meticulous approach will ensure that the necessary infrastructure is meticulously established, guaranteeing seamless operations.

The estimated one-time expenses for the hospital and ambulance initiative amount to 200,000,- EUR. We are actively engaged in fundraising to secure these crucial funds. Each contribution, regardless of its size, significantly propels this undertaking forward. Your support holds immense power as we endeavor to cultivate a healthier and more resilient community.

Our commitment to this mission remains steadfast, as we tirelessly continue our efforts to gather donations and bring this impactful project to fruition. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this meaningful journey.